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8-year-old Bestselling author, Nicholas Buamah has teamed up with a few of his young friends who just so happens to be authors also, to launch the initiative ‘Books Without Borders – GHANA’. These young superstars are all donating their books to send to Ghana to be delivered to the many schools and libraries. Nicholas is working with the US Ghana Embassy to deliver these books. Nicholas plans on visiting Ghana in May 2020. You can follow his journey to Ghana on his Youtube channel @ YouTube – Nicholas Buamah.

Mr. Steve Harvey joined in on this endeavor and decided that because he was so impressed by Nicholas Buamah’s initiative that is is now donating 555 of Nicholas’s books to the schools and libraries in Ghana. You can view a clip of Mr. Steve Harvey’s generosity at this link Steve Harvey Donates 555 book’s to Ghana.

Books Without Borders – Ghana.

If you would like to purchase a book or to just donate to the cause your contribution will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to purchase some of the other books from Nicholas’s friends to send to Ghana or for your own personal library just click on their links below.

Isaiah W. Thompson

Isaiah has maintained an above-average level of literacy and comprehension since K-4. Isaiah is involved in the Ministry at his church as a Youth Usher and a member of the Boy Scouts. He has participated in many events involving reading and literacy and is always willing to help others when in need. Isaiah enjoys playing video games, traveling and writing.

To find out more info about Isaiah W. Thompson or to purchase his book visit:

Matthew Sonny Banks

Matthew Sonny Banks is an 8-year-old author and CEO of Sonny B Publishing, LLC. He is an honor roll student who enjoys reading writing and drawing. Every night before bed Matthew would write about a show he watched on television or a story he read from one of his favorite books. Doing this led him to begin writing his own original stories.

To find out more info about Sonny B. or to purchase his book visit:

The Fennell’s

The Fennell Family

Jiyah Fennell 15-year-old author
Jiyah started face painting when she was only 9 years old.  She has painted for celebrities and she teaches face painting to other children to become entrepreneurs.  Her first book, Princess Jiyah’s Face Painting Fairytale demonstrates her painting skills and teaches positive character traits. 

Jace Fennell 11-year-old author
Jace was just 9 years old when he wrote his first book, Journey through Hawaii with Jace.  He later wrote his second book, Journey through Cuba with Jace.  He is an honor roll student in his 5th grade class and an inspiration to many. 

Merl Fennell 10-year-old author
Merl began his writing career when he was just 8 years old.  He has written 2 books in the family series, Journey through Texas with Merl and Journey through New Orleans with Merl.  The books can be read over 25 different ways, teaches learning concepts such as the alphabet, counting in English and Spanish, rhyming, and includes family pictures. 

To find out more info about the Fennell family or to purchase their books visit:

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